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Established over 35 years ago, Setting Tools, Inc. has remained dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality tools and finest service available. By concentrating solely on setting tools, we have been able to develop some unique tool designs which can be used in many applications.


Although we always quote to your specifications, whenever possible, we will recommend design changes that can result in savings. With an increase in tool life and a decrease in repairs and downtime, a Setting Tools, Inc. design will prove to be the most cost-effective.


Send us a sample of the tools you are currently using and (if possible) a sample assembly. We'll respond very quickly with a quotation. If samples are not available, just fill the our quotation form or make a sketch and fax it.


Interchangeable Tools Parts


Noboby else offers this Setting Tools, Inc. exclusive! Even though your tool is custom, in most cases we’ll design it using a number of standard interchangeable parts. If you need a replacement pilots, or any other part, these can be ordered and installed without fitting or adjustment on your part.


A Variety of Tools Types


Setting Tools, Inc. can design and manufacture original or replacement tools for setting the following:


Rivets – Semi-tubular and solid. Roll, star, metal piercing, flare or solid settings.

Eyelets – Roll, score & funnel settings. Hood, needle, spear, pre-punch or standard anvils.

Lugs & terminals – Square or round barrel. Roll or score settings.


Wear Resistant Coatings


In cases of extreme wear, longer tool life can be achieved with the use of special surface treatment applied to setting tools:


Titanium Nitride – TiN coating produces a surface hardness of over 80 Rc which protects the tool from abrasion and wear. It also produces two-thirds reduction in coefficient of friction which increases lubricity and reduces galling.


Boron Carbide – A more costly surfacing, but its low temperature process eliminates the more expensive and tougher machining steels needed for the TiN process. It produces a surface hardness of 93-95 Rc and improves lubricity. The cost is justifiable for high volume production.


Blanket Orders


We will accept blanket orders with scheduled releases.


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