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Rivets missing pilot pin of anvil   Jaws are set too high

  Rivets not seating properly in jaws.

  Lower jaws to about 1/16" above pilot pin
  of anvil

  Check jaw alignment

Rivet clinch not even   Hole in rivet not concentric with shank 

  Rivet bending or buckling
  (Long rivets)

  Driver not aligned with pilot pin

  Anvil damaged or worn

  Dry rivet

  End of rivet shank not square

  Replace rivets

  Check driver alignment with pilot pin of 

  Align anvil with driver


  Lubricate rivet

  Replace rivet

Rivet head not seated properly, or rivet clinch insufficient

  Wrong anvil for rivet

  Anvil worn out

  Hole in rivet too deep

  Hole in work too small

  Rivet material too soft

  Pilot pin of anvil set too low and
  retracting below surface of anvil

  Dry rivet

  Replace with proper anvils

  Replace with new anvil

  Replace rivets

  Open holes in work to proper sizes

  Replace rivets

  Raise pilot pin of anvil to proper position

  Lubricate rivet

Pilot pin of anvil sticking down

  Pilot pin of anvil set too low and
  retracting below surface of anvil

  Dirt in anvil

  Broken spring in anvil

  Pilot pin damaged or bent

Raise pilot pin to proper position

Disassemble, clean & lubricate

Replace spring

Replace pilot pin


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